Tea dependencies

It has recently occurred to me that when I stumble out of bed and into the kitchen in the morning (my husband regularly takes the early morning shift with our 18 month old toddler), my son doesn't greet me with "mummy" or "mama", not even "hi" or "hello" (all of which he is perfectly capable of saying), and definitely not "good morning".

He takes one look at me and declares "TEEEEAAA!!" and swiftly shuffles towards the kitchen bench, wielding his pointer finger at the electric kettle. This is followed by "up!" (pick me up), "water" (take me to the tap so we can fill the kettle), "press" (the kettle lid down and the power button on), promptly followed by "cup" and again "tea" (which this time means let's get the tea bags from the pantry) which we then "put away" after he's loosened the tag and placed the tea bag carefully in my mug. Then "ready" when he hears the kettle stop boiling (it doesn't ding anymore), "hot" boiling water being poured, and "milk" which we grab together from the fridge.

I draw a number of conclusions from this. 1) He understands I am not a morning person. 2) We have spent so many mornings together that he has memorised my morning ritual. 3) He is pointing out to me that I have a strong reliance on tea/caffeine. 4) Small children can be trained to do some useful things. 5) I'm more predictable than I like to admit.