New dishes for 1Ton Chatswood

A short time ago I shot some dishes for the first menu for 1Ton Restaurant in Chatswood. They've been operating in The District at Chatswood Interchange for about five months now. The response has been extremely positive and they've been busy adding some exciting new dishes to their menu. They invited me to photograph three or four of these new dishes for their glossy menu. How fabulous!

I went along with my gear and found the best light streaming through one small section in the corner of the building, which also happened to be in the communal dining area. This best available light certainly presented a fair few challenges in that small window of opportunity before the sunlight was obscured behind the huge awnings and various other building structures.

It was a great exercise for me, having to make the best of the situation in an unfamiliar setting, with very little sunlight, in a public space, and with no powerpoint nearby. The huge advantage was that I was near the 1Ton kitchen with a well-honed, all-female kitchen team pumping out the dishes. Original, well-presented, honest cooking.

I thought I was there to shoot three or four dishes. As the train of dishes lining up on the table grew and grew, all waiting patiently for their mugshot, I realised this was no longer a quick shoot.

Photo: Katrina Lau Hammond. Set Menu option at 1Ton Restaurant, Chatswood.

Photo: Katrina Lau Hammond. Set Menu option at 1Ton Restaurant, Chatswood.

I threw everything I had into capturing numerous different set-ups. After a while we stopped to eat some lunch and I do have to say their food was delicious, interesting, and appetising. Back on the job, we really pushed it towards the end as my computer battery warned us at 5%, 4%... 2%. But the client was very happy with the results and the number of shots we achieved. Although my body was a bit achy by the end, I was certainly pleased with the results as well.

Here's a sneak preview at one of the shots I captured that day.